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Pressing Through Temptation

Here we are, two months into the New Year and another week of making smarter eating choices.

Every now and then temptation may strike, whether it’s a craving for a rich piece of chocolate or warm and cheesy comfort foods. The goal is to incorporate smarter choices, while still enjoying what you are eating.

Eating smarter doesn’t have to mean eating bland. According to a survey conducted by the Whole Grains Council, 40% of consumers choose whole grains because they enjoy the taste!

Looking for some nutritious warmth on a cool winter’s night? Try this Roasted Veggie & Blue Cheese Panini using Arnold Healthfull® Nuts & Seeds bread complete with veggies and 27g of whole grains (per two slices).

Roasted Veggie & Blue Cheese Panini
• 1 loaf of Arnold Healthfull® Nuts & Seeds bread
• 2 Red Bell Peppers, sliced
• 2 tomatoes, sliced (optional)
• 3 Avocados, halved
• 1 tablespoon Olive Oil
• Crumbled Blue Cheese
• Butter (for spreading)
• Chili Pepper (to taste)
• Tajin (to taste)
• Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Powder to taste

Serving Size: 6 sandwiches

Drizzle olive oil in a cast iron pan and fill with red pepper slices, leaving enough room to flip each pepper as necessary to blacken/roast sufficiently. Then grill the avocado halves, sprinkling each half with chili pepper, Tajin or another favorite spice, leaving in the cast iron pan until warm and the color starts to change. When all the vegetables are grilled, place them on one slice of bread, and top with a half of a grilled avocado, a few sprinkles of blue cheese to taste, and a dash of salt, pepper and garlic powder. Top with one slice of bread. Spread butter on the outside of the sandwich and lay it in the Panini maker. Grill until bread becomes crisp, serve & enjoy!